Advantages of Buying an Under-construction Property in Pune

If you have money to invest, real estate is normally the go to. However, a major dilemma that every buyer often goes through is whether to invest in a ready-to-move in property, or, an under-construction one. Since it’s a common discussion in the real-estate world let’s take a look on the benefits if one were to compare the two.

On one hand, you could buy a home that allows you to move in almost instantly, or prepare for a brighter future with an under-construction property. The latter though, commands patience, and no small amounts of trust. Yet, pros outweigh the cons by leaps and bounds. Read on to believe us.

Government laws
It is mandatory for under-construction properties to comply with RERA: The Real Estate Regulatory Authority introduced in 2017. This makes properties liable to fair practices, acting as a blanket of protection to the end users in case of any defaults by the builder.

Profitable Investment
In an under-constructed property, the buyer has the choice of selling the property closer to the date of possession. Due to the time bought between buying and delivering that space, it stands ground for a good chance of earning a profitable return on the capital investment since the price of property increases as the construction progresses.

Flexible Payment Terms
Buyers have the imperative advantage of paying the total cost of property in staggered installments after an initial down-payment of 10-15% of the entire amount. This can be paid either through EMIs if the properties are financed by banks, or as per construction plans. This advantage falls less heavily on pockets of the buyers as opposed to a ready-to-move in property that expects a hefty amount in one go.

Spoilt for Choice
With the first movers advantage on board, buyers have the option of choosing a space based on several factors important to them such as the size, location, layout, configuration, Vaastu, views and so on, before taking the final call.

While a good amount of research and patience goes into the effort of finding a property suitable to your liking, it is undebatable that a property under construction will comprise of offers that a ready to move in property can never get in the long run.

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