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Sustainability refers to preservation of resources. It has four different areas: human, social, economic and environmental. Human sustainability is about wellbeing of human beings whereas social sustainability is more focused on society and future generations. Economic sustainability refers to keeping profitability of businesses intact and improving standard of living. The fourth and very important aspect of environmental sustainability was never paid attention to in the hoard of business and industry expansion in the past. And now the world has started feeling the heat of it.

Environmental sustainability focuses on improving human life by preserving natural resources like land, water, minerals and so on. The practical approach towards implementing it is reduce waste, promote reuse of resources and recycle whatever possible.

In the context of environment sustainability Aishwaryam group takes special care while designing their home projects. The projects include many facilities which are environment friendly.

Rainwater Harvesting

We observed that in cities the rain falls on the concrete buildings, roads and other surfaces which are hard and cannot absorb water. Even on the side of the road there is very little space or soil patch through which this rain water can percolate down the ground. This flowing water gets polluted due to mixing with soil and other substances.

This rain water when collected from the rooftops, filtered and then stored in the tanks. This is called Rainwater harvesting.

At Aishwaryam group home projects have implemented this rainwater harvesting mechanism through rain barrels or tanks. Rainwater fall on the roofs is carried out to the storage tanks with the help of fixed pipes from roofs and rain-gutters. These tanks are made from a non-toxic material. Rainwater is filtered before it enters the pipes. This water is stored and can be put to good use for the entire year, especially in summers in cities like Pune.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Like water conservation, another bigger issue in the metro cities is about water pollution. The biggest reason for the pollution of water is untreated sewage. Sewage treatment plants (STP) process the wastewater or sewage, breaks it down into a something more clean and safe which can be returned back to the nature.

Aishwaryam Group has also erected a sewage treatment plant for treatment of waste. This treated water is again put to good use for flushing and watering the gardens.

Gold glasses and UPVC Windows

Aishwaryam comfort gold is fitted with gold glasses and hence the name. These gold glasses allow natural lighting as well as an unobstructed view of the surroundings. This gold put on the glass is not only for an aesthetic purpose. This thin gold film reflects infra-red rays which cause heat. This helps to reduce both the type of heat; incident and conducted. Obviously, this will keep the building cool and save the electricity bill.

Here apartments have 3-section UPVC windows which protect the residents from incidence of Ultra violet light. They also are sound resistant and heat resistant. This make them more eco-friendly.

Aishwaryam Comfort Gold glitters not only due to its gold glasses, but with its approach of environmental friendliness. It uses technologies in which most of the materials can be re-cycled and reused like Aluminium form, UPVC material etc. If you want to buy your dream home which is built with approach of environment friendliness and sustainability, visit us at

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