Rainwater Harvesting at Aishwaryam Comfort Gold

Some of the farming regions in our country are dependent on the seasonal rains. That is the only source of water for them. Every passing year the rainfall is sporadic and becoming completely unpredictable. Conserving the rain water is one of the good alternatives to put this scare resource to good use.
This water scarcity issue is not only restricted to farms and villages. Due to rapid urbanization and continuous pumping of groundwater cities have also started facing water shortage in some months of summer. So in recent years various projects of rainwater conservation started gaining importance.

Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is collecting the naturally available rainwater from different surfaces, filtering it and storing it for future use.

The same water can be even recycled back to the ground to improve the groundwater level in the area. This can be the cheapest alternative source of water.

Rainwater harvesting and Cities

In cities maximum amount of rain falls on the concrete building roofs, concrete roads and other hard surfaces. There is very little space for the rainwater to percolate through these hardened surfaces to the ground. This leads to temporary flooding in many areas. Additionally, this flowing water gets contaminated and cannot be put to good use. Rainwater harvesting is used to collect this water from the rooftops itself and directed to storage tanks.

Big cities with many densely populated areas scarcity of water is becoming a pressing issue for municipal corporations. Implementation of rainwater harvesting systems in these areas can ease the demand on alternate ways of supplying water like water tankers. Hence, municipal corporations are promoting rainwater harvesting projects in cities. Some of them mandated the rainwater system for new building completion certificate while others offered a reward in the form of rebate on property tax for owners when the society or apartment is fitted with rainwater harvesting system.

Simple implementation of rainwater harvesting which consists of rain barrels or tanks. Rainwater is directed to these tanks through pipes from roofs and rain-gutters. A properly designed rainwater harvesting system ensures that pipes, rain-gutter and other connecting pieces do not become breeding ground for insects. Tanks are made up of non-toxic material. There are wire gauges fitted on the pipes to make sure dirt and sludge do not enter it. This water is clean and can be used for many purposes like watering the gardens and trees, flush toilets etc.

Rainwater harvesting and Aishwaryam Comfort Gold

Keeping in view the critical importance of water, Aishwaryam Comfort Gold has designed and installed an efficient rainwater harvesting system for all its buildings. This ensures no water is wasted and all the rainwater is conserved.

Aishwaryam Comfort Gold is designed with keeping your comfort and luxury in mind. However, environmental aspects like rainwater harvesting are given their due importance and included in the overall design of the project. This makes the apartment more coveted for anyone looking for his dream home. To get a feel of it, visit us at aishwaryam.net.

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