Change is the only constant thing in the current world. We are witnessing unprecedented rapid changes in the technological landscape. The construction industry is also not lagging behind. Every year something new is coming to the foray. A new construction technique called an Aluminium Formwork has come to the Indian construction industry recently. Increasing demand for large housing projects has given impetus to improve speed of construction with better quality. This Aluminium Formwork technology is a smart method to address this challenge. This is called a Mivan Formwork system as it was first developed by a European construction company known as Mivan Company Ltd. This new technique is more suitable for constructing large housing projects at a fast speed. Mivan technology makes use of room size structures to construct slabs and walls. It uses shuttering for both slabs and columns making it easy for erection of walls of huge room and the floor slabs. Aluminium Formwork consists of high strength RCC wall which carries the load. Hence it is more resistant to earthquake shocks. Additionally, Aluminium has higher strength when compared with wood. And one more important thing is that the wall created with Aluminium Formwork does not need plastering. This type of construction technology is a successful employed in Gulf, East Asia and Europe countries. It is said that it was used in constructing a part of Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Advantages of using Mivan Aluminium formwork

Here are some of the key advantages of using Mivan Aluminium formwork in construction.
  • It enables faster completion of floors. This is especially critical for large housing projects.
  • It results in lesser number of joints and reduced leakages.
  • It gives smooth finish to the walls and the floor slabs.
  • It has low maintenance.
  • Being strong, it is more resistant to earthquakes.
  • It increases carpet area.
  • Quality of construction is better.
  • With aluminium formwork there is no need of plastering the wall.
  • Mivan Formwork requires relatively less labour.
  • Aluminium formwork can be reused hundreds of times.
  • One can get better accuracy in construction.
  • It has very less wastage or scrap produced.

Why Aishwaryam Comfort Gold is using Mivan?

Aishawaryam Comfort Gold, the tallest 22-stoery towering elegance in Akurdi is using Mivan, the latest technology for constructing the apartments. This not only results in speedy construction but it would have all the other amazing benefits like straight and clear walls with no offsets coming out. This makes maximum floor space available for use. And this is just one feature of Aishwaryam Comfort Gold. This gold spacious living apartments has very innovatively designed exhilarating amenities around your needs of safety, leisure and pleasure. Standing balcony, 5-levels of security and gold glasses to name a few. Connect with us at Aishwaryam Comfort Gold. Take out time to experience the enticing luxury with your own eyes.