Gold is not just a metal, it has a special place in our hearts. Everything which we admire and covet seems to be decorated with Gold, for example, a Gold medal, Gold cup trophy, etc. Ornaments are made out of this precious metal, expensive gift articles created. How about using gold in building construction? Premium apartments called Aishwaryam Comfort Gold in the heart of PCMC has it all; Gold glasses and Gold lifestyle. Do not believe it, then read further. Modern offices and residential buildings use large areas of glass for even distribution of natural light. When inside, you are isolated from the world. However, the use of glass gives an uninterrupted view of the surrounding and feeling of connectedness to the outside world. Glass material is the architect’s favorite.  Building architects employ glass panels to create a breathtaking exterior view.

Gold Glasses

However, this grand impressive glass view has a downside. An ordinary glass is transparent to the entire solar radiation spectrum ranging from ultraviolet to infrared. Huge glazing areas of many such buildings may result into overheating of the rooms and offices. This intense heating due to sunlight can overload the air-conditioning system. In order to reduce this heating effect, thin metal coating was tried. And Gold won this challenge hands down because of its malleability. Gold is supposed to be the most malleable metal which can be converted into a thin semi-transparent film. When put on the glass, this thin gold film coating allows the glass to pass through the visible light while reflecting the heat causing infra-red radiations. The percentage of light passing through the glass can be controlled by the thickness of the gold film. It is observed that vacuum-deposited gold films have superior infrared shielding capacity. Gold films on double-glazed windows are more beneficial. They reduce heat losses in cold seasons thereby reducing the fuel costs. Use of gold is not only for making an artistic statement, but to have the building environment friendly. Many examples of these usage of gold can be seen all around the world. The Royal Bank Plaza in Toronto is one of such marvelous example. The building has 14,000 windows that are all coated with pure gold. And we have Aishwaryam Gold, a premium property in PCMC employing the same gold glass technology.

Aishwaryam Comfort Gold, All the glitters with amenities!

Aishwaryam Group glitters not only due to its gold glasses but for its plethora of amenities that makes the life luxurious at unbelievable costs. Very thoughtfully designed internal and external features make the living truly Gold-class. Visit us to have and cherish this gold-class experience of living.