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When you want to buy your dream home, the important considerations are size of flat and the budget. Standard 2 BHK apartment size varies from 650 to 800 square feet. Depending upon the city, location, and budget this size changes. As there is no absolute standard size, considering the top end size like 800 square feet or more to select a flat may be misleading.
We are looking for a spacious flat where we will feel comfortable to live. And not just a feeling of bigger flat because of the size we saw on the floor plan.

Poorly designed bigger flat is not spacious!

When we buy a flat, we want to get maximum size at minimum price possible. There is no second thought about that. However, overall size of 800 square feet or whatever for a 2 BHK doesnot always mean that you are getting a good deal.
Concept of spacious flat is not only restricted to the overall size. You may sometimes get a bigger sized, but poorly designed flat. There may be a lot of space wasted in connecting areas. Unless we observe carefully, we may not get an idea how offsets coming out of walls are eating up a part of our usable area. These kinds of offsets and odd passages make it very difficult to design furniture which can accommodate all our household (ever-growing) stuff.
‘Space’ is created by doing a better design. If everything is put at its correct place, home would automatically have a lot of usable space. This would give experience of truly spacious apartment.
Philosophy of Aishwaryam group is completely aligned to this thought. It believes in designing a home where every inch of it is useable. One can experience this with small but thoughtful innovations in the facilities and features it provides.

Clear walls and No offsets, increase the space

Aishwaryam comfort gold employs Mivan Technology. It is the latest technology which uses Aluminium Formwork. Due to which, every wall constructed is straight without any offsets coming out. The construction has column-less structure. This makes the entire space inside the room completely free of any obstructions. The rooms not only look spacious but is also aesthetically pleasing.
Other unique aspect of the design is completely clear walls. No electrical wiring or fitting clutters the walls. All the electrical points are in the ceiling. This is just an amazing feature!

3 Balconies and one is interestingly Juliet balcony!

Generally a 2 BHK apartments would have two balconies/terraces. One connected to Living room and the other a dry balcony. At Aishwayram comfort Gold, you get 3 balconies with your 2 BHK apartment.
On a normal day, you can relax on your terrace, have tea/coffee mug in the hand and enjoy the surrounding. And when you have any celebration at home, here you can make the arrangements for guests to sit.
We know that our guests are going to rush and occupy the balcony first. Guests would be all over the house and there remains no secluded place. Here comes the Juliet or standing balcony. This small balcony connected to your bedroom. Here the couple can have quick discussion on something important or even just to get some peace of mind away from the gathering.

Place for Everything and Everything at its place

At Aishwayram comfort Gold, the design of the flats is done in such a way that there is zero wastage of space. For each flat appropriate space is created for each and every appliance including washing machine, dish washer and so on.
Space is created by better design and innovative approach. If you want to see it with your own eyes, please visit us on

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