Chnage in Home Buyer’s Preferences during Corona Pandemic

Indian economy has seen astounding growth in recent years. Real estate sector also followed the suit. Younger working population, growing middle class, growth in the disposable income, trend of urbanization, migration of people to cities, availability of better and easy credit options all of these contributed to the growth of housing market or real estate sector.
With lockdown and corona pandemic, housing market got impacted like every other sector. The housing market is not going to be the same ever. Home buyer’s preferences are changing, may it be a like young professional starting his/her career or an experienced veteran who wants to buy a more specious and bigger home.

It is now Buyer’s Market!

This does not mean that real estate prices in cities will come crashing and you would have golden opportunity to buy your dream home at a very low price. Home prices are already corrected for last two years in major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata etc. Further pricing correction may not be possible. However, buyers have many good choices from which they can select. In addition to this, to uplift the sentiment, developers are coming up with different schemes starting from payback, gold coins etc.
If you have clear specification for your home in mind, you may be able to select from amongst many schemes and maximize the benefit.

Home sweet home is also Safe home!

Currently, we are going through an unprecedented pandemic crisis due to Covid. We have seen forced lockdown and restrictions on grocery shops, hotels, malls and all free movement on the road. In such situation, our home was the only safe place where we were feeling secure and most comfortable. Importance of home was underlined like never before by this pandemic.
People who were postponing the decision of buying a home have started thinking about buying it now.

Demand rising for properties which are near big cities

With corona pandemic and lockdown people have started preferring areas which are less crowded. Obviously, such areas are safer from the perspective of corona. The demand for properties with more open spaces, green surrounding at the outskirts of big cities has started rising.
Demand for spacious flats, extra rooms is increasing as many have started and would continue working from home. These more spacious homes would need a bigger budget. However, areas on the periphery of the cities have more options available at affordable prices.

Importance of gated and Self-Sufficient communities increasing

In Corona pandemic, importance of gated communities is grown. When you stay in a gated community you have multiple advantages. No one can reach your home without crossing multiple check points or gates. This not only better for the purpose of isolation but for improved safety.

Another very crucial thing in such pandemic situation is support for medical emergencies and daily needs.

Building a grocery shop, general stores, medical shop, and a bank as a part of the apartment facilities goes a long way. Buyers are now looking for a self-sufficient apartment where they would be safe and their daily needs would be severed without stepping out of the property.

Aishwaryam Group could be a good choice

Usage of digital technologies and internet got immense boost due to lockdown and pandemic situation. If you search on internet, you would find many properties which might fit your budget and specifications. Apartment created by Aishwaryam Group could be one of such excellent choice. Here you will find many amenities which reduce the impact of lockdown on your daily life. You can be enthusiastic, healthy and full of energy with green surroundings and meticulously crafted comforting facilities. To know more visit us at

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