Today’s world is of fast changing, disruptive technologies and innovations. Innovation need not be very big every time. Very small but thoughtful innovations in facilities and features make the mark. As these small details make our life more comfortable. Won’t you like to buy a new home with such thoughtful and innovative features? Here are some of the innovatively designed features and facilities at Aishwaryam Gold Comfort standing tall in the heart of PCMC.

Standing balcony

Have you heard of standing balcony? Generally apartments have two balconies/terraces. One connected to Living room and another a dry balcony. On the terrace, you relax, soak in the atmosphere and enjoy the surrounding nature’s beauty. However, when there is any ceremony/celebration at your home, your guest rush and occupy the balcony first. Guests are all over and hence, there remains no secluded place where the couple can have quick discussion on something important or get some peace away from the gathering. Here the standing balcony comes to your rescue. This is 10×3 feet balcony connected to you master bedroom. Isn’t it thoughtful? One can stand here and quickly isolate oneself from the noise and chatter at home. All glass railings at balconies add glaze to the ambience.

Covered swimming pool

At Aishwaryam comfort gold every amenity is crafted to fulfill your needs of leisure, pleasure, fitness and play. You can experience the luxury of life that’s up and above everything else. For example, a swimming pool. Here also there an innovative thought. The swimming pool you will see here is covered unlike many other properties in the neighborhood. May be the first covered swimming pool in this area. This makes it safe and comfortable for girls and women to use swimming pool without any hesitation or fear.

Clear walls and No offsets

Aishwaryam comfort gold is built using a latest technology of Aluminium Formwork called Mivan. Every wall is straight with no offsets coming out. There is column-less structure. This makes the entire space in the room available for use with no obstructions and looks aesthetically pleasing. The unique aspect of this design is completely clear walls. You may be able decorate them with classy painting, or little designer things. No electrical wiring or fitting is coming in the way. All the electrical points are in the ceiling. Isn’t Clear walls an amazing feature?

5 level security

Your safety is the prime concern. Any unknown person has to cross 5 different levels of gating starting from main gate to your home. The entire area is secured with cameras and every home is equipped with video door phones.

Gold glasses and UPVC Windows

Aishwaryam comfort gold, as the name suggests, is created with gold glasses to have efficient natural lighting and an unobstructed view of the surroundings. The Gold coating in these glasses helps reduce incidents and conducted heat. This keeps the building cool. Want to know more about Gold glasses. Click here. All that glitters is real gold Aishwaryam Comfort Gold Premium Apartments near PCMC It also employs 3-section UPVC windows which protect us from UV light and are sound resistant, heat resistant and eco-friendly. Here, we have elaborated on only couple of innovative amenities. And obviously the list does not end here! To know more about all such small and big innovations committed to enriching your living, please contact us on +91 9595 030 030. I am sure you will not be disappointed!