Covid pandemic has taken its toll and number of patients started rising. Measures like lockdown are inevitable when such an unprecedented pandemic situation arises. Everyone including the government, police officials, Municipal Corporation, hospitals started working towards containing the pandemic. Along with it citizens are doing their bit with adhering to social distancing norms, use of masks, working from home etc. As we are trying to get along with our new changed life due to corona, there are some considerations coming forward. In today’s busy life, people find it difficult to adjust with measures like lockdown, when sometimes, even the supply of essential daily needs get impacted. Now, people have started thinking what I need to consider while buying a new home which can have less disruption to my life in case of any such events like lockdown.

Spacious rooms for better work-from-home arrangements

Corona pandemic has forced many of organizations adopt working from home policy. Though it was enforced temporarily, now it seems that it would continue longer. Looking at the overall economics of working from home arrangement, companies may adopt working from home policy for more number of employees in the coming future. If working from home becomes a norm, then everyone who is working professional may need to have a separate place/corner at home. This will call for apartments which are spacious in design and would easily accommodate such work from home situations.

Medical Support

Very crucial thing in such a pandemic situation is a medical and hospital support. Good Hospitals nearby the locality and medical shops in the vicinity of the society are the key things. These facilities are crucial especially for senior citizens and small kids. The proximity of these can be a sigh of relief for the flat owner. This will help he/she to look after their families in much easier way considering the current situation like work from home.

Servicing essential daily needs

The second crucial aspect is the availability of staples, food items, and things we need daily. Due to lockdown and closing of shops it might become extremely difficult to run the house. The situation goes worse if both the parents are working. Building a grocery shop, general stores as a part of the apartment facilities goes a long way to support this need.


Money transactions is again an important factor. Having a bank in the society premise itself is a great boon for all working professionals as well as senior citizens.

Safety and Protection

Safety and protection is always one of the prime concerns. At Aishwaryam Group, you get 5 levels of safety before any stranger can reach your home starting from the Gate to your main door. No one can enter and reach your home without you knowing it and crossing these 5 different levels. Such arrangements are not only useful in normal situations but they are acting like a safety net in the times of corona pandemic. These provide you complete isolation and protection from strangers reducing your chances of getting affected.

Why choose Aishwaryam Group?

Aishwaryam Group scores very well on all the above points with its plethora of amenities that makes the life luxurious at unbelievable costs. Very thoughtfully designed internal and external features make the living safe and truly Gold-class. In the words of Mr. Akhil, the Chief Marketing Consultant of Aishwayam project, “All your daily needs like banking, grocery, medical shops, salon, car servicing , coaching classes etc. can be fulfilled without even stepping out the gate. This is one of the key thing considering the current pandemic situation. Our aim is to provide premium lifestyle and comfort with care and safety.” Visit us to know more about the gold-class experience of living.