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First let us go through few aspects for
WHY PUNE is not just quintessential for living but also investing in real estate:

1. Cost of living

When compared to Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore, Pune is a still a cheaper bet. (Ref. Blog on expensive cities of India @ 15.1.2021)

2. Climate

Scenic beauty, pleasant weather throughout the year and splendid infrastructure are the key factors for accrual of real estate in Pune.

3. Property appreciation

Economy has been fluctuating, yet real estate prices have seen exceptional rise in the past two decenniums. The price in Pune was up 52 per cent during 2000-2009. Pune saw the maximum rise of 67 per cent during the period 2010- 2020. (Courtesy: Economic times 12.6.2020)

4. Administrative propositions

RERA and Tax Benefits have opened up ways for peeps to plough money in real estate.

Let’s discuss WHY 3 BHK?

1. Post pandemic transformation

Multiformity in spaces is the new normal. With a 3 BHK, one can design the interiors to make office/ study/ gym/ play area to suit the requirements.

2. Plan with forethought

Today, a 1 BHK or 2 BHK may sound okay for you. A decade later, this space may not be as comfortable to reside due to increase in your family size. Over and above, with escalation in your income, you may desire a more luxurious living. A 3 BHK will always be a good deal.

3. Growth rate

With the pace at which real estate prices are accelerating, buying a similar space in vicinity in future will burn your pockets.

4. Shortage of space

Study shows that lost family traditions are making a comeback. From nuclear families, India is witnessing a shift to three generations staying together: parents, grandparents and kids. In 2 BHK, grandparents and kids often share one bedroom. But they may not feel as snug as a bug in a rug.

5. Live high on the hog

In a 3 BHK, you have added facilities as against a 2 BHK. There are two attached washrooms. The dry balcony leaves your habitable spaces uncluttered. Two balconies bring nature inside your apartment: fresh air and ample sunlight keep you energetic throughout the day. In the evenings, you can enjoy the cool breeze in your own private garden, that is your balcony. Moreover, when are residing in a 3 BHK apartment, you are in an upscale neighborhood enjoying up-to-the-minute amenities and specifications.

6. Paperwork & formalities

The time & efforts invested for a 3 BHK will be the same as 2 BHK. If you plan to buy a second house to suffice your needs after a decapod, you’ll again devote equal energy in home loan application & registration procedure. It’s better to plan things at one go. With your job or business responsibilities, it may be painstaking to shelve out hours again for the formalities.

7. Negligible difference in cost

Over and above, a 3 BHK is not double the cost of a 2 BHK. With the decrease in ROIs for home loan and various offers by developers, a 3 BHK can definitely be a lightening deal.

The only thing that needs your attention when planning to buy a 3 BHK apartment in PCMC, Pune is to fish for a sought-after locality like Aishwaryam Comfort Gold at Akurdi, PCMC, Pune!

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