Wellness is nothing but practicing of healthy habits on a daily basis to keep oneself fit. This fitness is not related only to physical health but your mental health too. With wellness you are not just surviving but living your life with a lot of enthusiasm and passion. Physical and Mental wellness is the key to success. And your home is the place where your journey towards wellness begins.

“Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – The World Health Organization.

Wellness and health infrastructure is becoming the most preferred requirement for clients who are buying premium properties. Thanks to corona pandemic! There is an increasing desire to have access to the health infrastructure or wellness amenities in our own premises.

Real estate developers have to now think of the requirement of providing wellness amenities as part of the very design of buildings and the materials. Wellness related features enhance value of the property from the buyer’s point of view. Most popular amenities for wellness include gym, yoga centers, mediation rooms, terrace/roof gardens, better ventilation, more sunlight, open spaces etc.

Wellness amenities, civic facilities and infrastructure go hand in hand. Integrated townships around big cities are becoming a more popular choice for homebuyers. The preference is to stay away from the hustle-bustle of the city but still stay connected to it. Here, a housing properties like Aishwaryam Comfort Gold with more open spaces, greenery, walking zones, jogging tracks score high.

The expanse, fresh Air and More Sunshine for your wellness

Better ventilation for fresh air and more natural light are two significant contributors for healthy environment. Spacious house design would guarantee better air circulation and sunshine. This can definitely nurture a more positive mindset.

At Aishwaryam comfort Gold, large areas of Gold glass ensure better distribution of natural light. Through the glass one can feel the expanse of the home connected with the green surroundings.

Health infrastructure

You have an outdoor Gym for your exercise routine to keep yourself fit. There is also a multi-purpose court with basketball hoop which can be used for doing alternate exercises or playing games as you like. A lot of indoor games like table tennis, games played on pool table can refresh your mind at the club house.

Aishwaryam Comfort Gold spread over 1.6 acres of lush green land. You can just relax with your family and friends amidst the greenery or practice meditation and yoga.

Wellness is key in fighting the pandemic situation

Doing regular exercise and keeping oneself fit, upbeat and positive is very important in a current pandemic situation. This is true not only for you but for the whole family. Children’s play area and senior citizen garden like facilities become very important in such a context.

A spacious home not only a status of luxury but it can have a positive impact on your and your family’s wellness. A perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality has created a very conducive living environment at Aishwaryam Comfort Gold. Wellness ensured!

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