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When you buy home, you don’t buy it only for yourself but for your family. While selecting the home, though the location and the budget are important factors, one considers comfort of all members of the family, the children and senior members too.
Even in today’s world of nuclear families, many times grandparents stay and want to stay with their children and grandchildren. It is important to consider what makes the senior citizens comfortable while selecting your home.
At Aishwaryam group homes, you will find many such senior friendly amenities and features.


Climatic conditions and overall surrounding has a lot of impact when it comes to senior citizens. They generally do not prefer extreme weather conditions. Secondly, they have done with their share of running around for job in the city. Now they want to have peaceful living in an area with lesser noise and less pollution. Hence they prefer staying near the city but away from the crowd and traffic jams.
Near Pune, Area like PCMC is great location from this angle. Aishwaryam Group homes are located at Akurdi near Pune, PCMC area.

Good Connectivity

Connectivity to the city is also one of the considerations. The location which is well-connected to the city by different means of transportation gets higher weightage.

Comfort and Accessibility

Availability of elevators is the first and foremost requirement for seniors. Second crucial aspect is easy access to staples, food items, and daily consumables. Having a branch of a bank, ATM in the apartment premise or at a nearby location is a great boon.
In the current pandemic situation, proximity to medical care, pharmacy and grocery shop makes a lot of difference. Here at Aishwaryam Comfort Gold, you do not have to step outside the property to get anything. This makes it is easy for seniors and their families to handle lockdown like situation in a much better way.

Security and Protection

Many times senior citizens are easy targets for criminals. Therefore, security is one of the prime concerns especially in case of senior citizens. That is a reason why senior citizens prefer gated communities like Aishwaryam Group projects.
Gated community ensures that strangers are not allowed to enter the property. Gates are manned and with electronically operated doors it is difficult for a trespasser to enter. There are video door phones and hence no stranger coming from outside would be easily be able to reach your home without no one noticing him/her.
This is very important not only from the theft or robbery perspective. However, in the current Covid situation, this has gained more importance even from the stand point of isolation and protecting one-self, family and especially the senior citizens from virus infection.
Aishwaryam Group projects provide five levels of security starting from gates to your door.


After retirement, senior citizens have plenty of leisure time at hand. While buying a home, it is important to make sure that there is a garden or a park nearby or in the locality. This would give senior members opportunity for doing morning walk, evening stroll etc. Small exercise to keep them active. This also allows them to socialize with others. This is crucial for their physical as well as mental wellbeing.

Aishwaryam Comfort Gold is spread over 1.6 acres of lush green land. Seniors can relax or do a morning walk amidst the greenery or practice meditation and yoga.
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