3 bhk flat in chinchwad

In Pune, 28% of the emptors in the wings are in the 25-35 age bracket while 46% are of the age group 35-45. The reason being that this generation is rapidly moving up the income ladder. They possess more purchasing, risk- taking and wealth management potential. Let’s have a look what a dream house for young India is:

1. Location

Our previous generations worked to earn money, spent miserly on their daily living and saved for their children. They hardly enjoyed their life. Young Indians prefer to spend on luxuries. They are of the belief: Live for today. So, they clutch at housing societies located in close proximity to their work place & entertainment hubs. They do not wish to waste time and energy in travelling for their everyday needs. Nowadays, leisure is a need!!

2. Sound Security Systems

Our youth is under immense work stress. They hardly get time to relax at home on weekdays. On weekends, they generally plan outings. So, the need of a sound security system is very high. Thus, millennials select a good housing society by a reputed developer like ESSEN group instead of going in for an individual house.

3. Low maintenance

Nowadays, there are nuclear families. Generally, both husband and wife are working. So, flooring and other specifications are desired to be of little maintenance so that comparatively, less time and money is invested to upkeep them.

4. Tech-savvy

Gen- Y is used to speed dials in their mobile phones. They prefer dishwashers and robots instead of maids. So, by default, they desire automated systems in their homes as well. They want the fan to be switched off, curtains to be pulled up: all with a click.

5. Big kitchen

Gone are the days when kitchen was the sole responsibility of the females. During the pandemic lockdown, everyone has tried a hand at cooking. Young Indians believe in equality of gender. They go in for big kitchen with kitchen island and all modern accessories to make cooking an enjoyable experience.

6. Multifunctional spaces

Present youth is not interested in fairytale castles. They want not-so-big flexible homes. For instance, a formal dining room is completely scraped off today’s demands. Modern living equipped with uncluttered spaces is the need of the day. This is achieved with the right interiors!

7. Relaxing outdoor spaces

How about sipping a cup of coffee with your spouse in your private garden on a Friday evening? Isn’t it a stress buster? The private garden is the designed balcony of the apartment. Besides the rejuvenation in the smart home, society’s green spaces are a great option of recreation.

8. 1/2/3 BHK

Youngsters have marriage and kids on their cards. They may even plan their parents staying with them in future. So, 1 BHK will be insufficient. A 3 BHK is far more expensive to buy as well as maintain. A 2 BHK is the ideal one. It has sufficient outdoor space and can be designed into a smart home. Besides, if bought from investment point of view, it goes on rent very quickly as compared to 1 and 3 BHK.
Aishwaryam is creating homes to cater to the needs of young Indians.

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