Why a Luxury Home is a Better Investment Option in Pune?

Demands of millennials in metropolitan cities are an endless stream. Real estate developers have always put their best foot forward to keep the consumers contented. Let’s study the salient features of a luxury home in a gated community.

1. Safety first, safety always!

In this day and age, both the spouses are working. House is generally vacant with maybe just senior citizens around. So, safety and security is the pressing priority. Hook up with top-of-the-line security agencies, CCTV surveillance, fixed entry and exit points promise elevated security in a gated community. Strict security protocols are followed for every individual entering the society. Moreover, video door phones and similar gadgets are attached to every unit for additional safety.

2. Traffic-free, pollution-free

Vehicles do not snarl up in a gated community due to controlled traffic movement. Ergo, there is least noise and air pollution here. Kids can happily roam around in the premises at their will.

3. Life in a gated community

In life, there should always be reasons to celebrate. In a gated community, you are in the company of people with similar social stratum. Here, residents take time out from their daily lives to honour different traditions, cultures, prominent historic moments, and personalities. Even children have more space to move and socialize with others of their age.

4. Creature comforts

Gymnasium, clubhouse, jogging track, landscaped garden, basketball court, swimming pool… Name the amenity and these gated communities have them all!
Not to forget the most important one: parking. You can purchase the parking as per your requirement at the time of buying a unit here for easy-peasy future.

5. Service at your doorstep

Parallel with exclusive infrastructure and splendid amenities, everyday upkeep cannot be ignored. There can be water logging or electrical repair inside your unit. A gated community is furnished with an in-house maintenance department to cater to all such needs. The entire premises except the inside of your unit is maintained regularly by this maintenance department. Thereby, the beauty of a gated community is never lost. Supplementary to this, there is rain water harvesting system, integrated waste management system and power back-up among others.

6. Strategic location

Not to mention that these gated communities are built in prominent neighborhoods offering great connectivity to the major hubs of the city. All the essential services such as hospitals, educational institutions, banks and supermarket are in the environs.

7. Bigger bang for your buck

Whether from the point of view of rental income or residing with your family, a luxury home is a deal of a lifetime.

Aishwaryam, located in PCMC, has all its societies strategically located providing luxury homes at affordable prices!

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