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Indians are getting prone to luxury in many walks of life. So, how can real estate sector be left behind?
Luxury housing is the new normal!

Desire or Need

Till just a few decades ago, luxury was the sole right of a handful of deep-pocketed gentlefolk. The commoners were well settled in the regular apartments. Gradually, we have witnessed that high value homes have raised the lifestyle standards by large. It has completely changed the vision of buying a house especially after the Covid-19 pandemic where we spent days and weeks and months in house arrest. Suddenly, premium real estate has turned from DESIRE to NEED. The extended duration of “work from home” has fostered the inclination towards bigger & more comfortable houses. “We all NEED TO LIVE IN BREATHING LIVING SPACES for our physical and mental well being”, is the belief post pandemic. Decks, balconies and greenery are a must. Buyers are looking at holistic living: AQI (Air Quality Index), accessibility, hospitality services, healthcare facilities and lifestyle facilities.

Investment or End use

If chosen for rental income, the returns are pretty decent as compared to a regular apartment. If it’s your dream home, you are definitely going to enjoy the extravaganzas.

Convertible homes

Buyers are looking for extra space in the house which can be used for multiple functions such as office and gym. This is how the concept of convertible homes has arisen. Besides the regular bedroom, living room and kitchen, there is a requirement of additional room for various activities. Thus, three and four BHKs are in fashion now.

Home loan

ROI for housing loan is at its lowest, boosting the idea of buying luxury housing. Anyone will think of spending more for that added comfort in life when the overall expenditure does not rise much than a regular apartment.

Easy Payment plans

Developers are offering customized payment plans making luxury houses even more affordable for buyers.


To add to all of the above, RERA plays a vital role in ensuring that all that is promised is delivered!

Aishwaryam group has assiduously worked on crafting homes catering to the commoners’ needs. Aishwaryam Comfort Gold offers a harmonious blend of luxury features in PCMC. An advantage is the proximity of the project to the Express Highway connecting Mumbai and Pune. Ease of approach to leisure centres & shopping plazas is the trump card of Aishwaryam Comfort Gold. Accessibility to educational institutions and best known names in health care facilities is a feather to Aishwaryam’s cap. These luxe flats are flying out of the shelf post- pandemic. So, be quick in taking a call for your high-value high-rise home.

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