Property that offers Luxury Amenities in PCMC

Home is that one space that let’s one be. Additionally, having a house that not only sustains the luxuries of a good property, but provides in-house amenities that are massive perks in one’s day to day lifestyle, is now a prerequisite today’s buyers seem unlikely to pass on. Families, in general, seek properties that could possibly hold a good society with basic amenities that would cater to their needs.

However, a certain myth is found hovering across multiple minds with a saying that a luxurious home with amenities could be an option only for the rich, which is not true! Basic amenities are now a necessity even in smaller buildings. While it is now a possibility, here is the simple list of amenities one should be looking for.

Appealing Architecture

A well-built architectural space in itself is an amenity. Vaastu is an important factor many consider along with the functional elements like built-in wardrobes, kitchen shelves inside homes, and so on. Many properties also include features such as garbage segregation and compositing, sewage treatment, harvesting rainwater in properties. This solidifies their stay largely due to the appealing green features along with comfort.


Properties are secured 24×7 by security guards, however, many builders have added additional security in the form of intercom, CCTV surveillance, smoke detectors, boom barriers for parking lot entry and other sophisticated equipment. With these top-notch services, a resident’s security is dedicatedly taken care of. After all, when you are living in the lap of luxury, you need to be sure that it is adequately secured!


In today’s hyper connected world, the term luxury has become synonymous with having more space made available to you. History, with its huge palaces and chapels that resonate a sense of royalty in one’s living, only proves it. Bigger bedrooms, vast living rooms and a huge kitchen table serves happiness to every member of the house. A larger-than-life picture in real sense.

Multi Sports facilities

Living in the fast-paced urban lifestyle with no end to the working hours, people find themselves unable to cater to their healthy lifestyle requirements. Hence, many properties have incurred the multi-sports facility such as gymnasium, indoor games like table tennis, squash court, badminton court etc. This bridges the gap for tenants/residents to be physically active, saving them the effort that has to be taken if one had to travel constantly for their workout sessions.

Lifestyle Facilities

Investing in a home with lifestyle amenities is not only a perk for the working individual but also has been proven beneficial to the extended family like senior citizens and kids alike. With common spaces like a club house, children’s play area, and old-age kattas, residents find it convenient to hangout within the premises of the area, and parents feel safer for their entire family.

Investing in a property that provides you with amenities could cost slightly higher than expected, but it is an investment that outlives a lifetime. Not only do you save up on all extra costs that you would have to otherwise spend going out of your vicinity but also allows a wide range of amenities at one’s disposal for a child to a senior citizen, leading to a wholesome experience all at home!

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