Spacious Flats in Akurdi - Aishwaryam

Everyone wants a spacious home. A spacious home is often considered a status of luxury. But did you know that apart from bringing you a sense of pride, owning such a home can also have a positive impact on your and your family’s lifestyle and health? The harmonious planning of functionality and aesthetics together can create a very conducive living environment. Here are the ways in which a spacious home can contribute to your healthy living.

Fresh Air and Sunshine for health

Small size rooms, narrow corridors… and one get feeling of being cramped inside the space. On the contrary, visible open expanses give a feel of freedom. Better planned, spacious house would guarantee better air circulation and sunshine.
Today, with personal health and well-being in focus, this fresh air, and bright sunshine, would help enhance the quality of living many-fold. A brighter home with a lot of space and fresh air can create and nurture a more positive mindset.
At Aishwaryam comfort Gold, gold glasses are used not only for making an artistic statement but to have the building that is environment friendly. Large areas of glass are used for better distribution of natural light. Additionally, use of glass gives an uninterrupted view of the surrounding, increasing the expanse of the home.

Tidy and Clean Home

With smaller rooms, it is obvious that things would be crammed in the available space. As the new things are purchased for the family space starts shrinking day by day. Customization possibilities reduce and everyone needs to do lot of adjustments.
All these issues go away with an apartment with good layout and ample space. Aishwaryam comfort Gold uses Mivan technology to create clear walls without any offsets. So no space is wasted. With more useable space, you can customize the storage, furniture and other things in much better fashion. A tidy and clean home would make you feel happy and would add to your peace of mind.

My Personal Space

Though we live together at our home, everyone needs some private space of his/her own. This is easily possible when there are more rooms and those are spacious. Whenever needed, each member of the family can enjoy his/her private space without disturbing others.
This is increasingly becoming an important consideration in the corona pandemic.

Room favorite pastime

In a spacious home, you have the luxury of making a separate space of your favorite pastime, home gym or zone for kids to play. Having a separate room for kids can allow them to create a mess to their heart’s content and all the noise will not disturb others.
With the current pandemic situation, kids are not allowed to go out and play on the ground, a separate playroom for kids is a boon.

Work/School from home

Temporarily started working from home culture seems to stay here. If working from home becomes a routine (in the new normal), setting up an office at home will become a necessity for every working professional. Working couple may need to set up two office spaces. Kids would start demanding a separate space for attending school or other tuitions/classes from home.
All this will call for apartments which are spacious in design and would easily accommodate such work from home situations. Why not look at an option like Aishwayram Comfort Gold which is designed to be spacious. If you decide today, you can have possession of the apartment as early as September 2021. Hurry, Visit us at Aishwaryamcomfortgold