Novel corona virus dramatically changed many things overnight. Work from home (WFH) did not remain as a flexible facility/privilege given to some employees or at certain times. Almost everyone was forced to sit at home due to lockdown. Work from home culture which already being practices in some pockets became a new normal. For many industries like hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing etc. work from home may not be a viable option. However, many other industries like software, training schools and colleges are trying to implement many interactions of their daily routine in the WFH style. And with today’s communication technology it is possible to have many parts of corporate day like meetings, written communication, presentations etc. to be conducted in electronic way remotely by sitting at home.

Why bother about WFH?

Many of us expected that this pandemic would end in couple of months and everything would return to normal. But that is not being seen on the horizon in the near future. So many organizations which never thought of adopting this WFH culture or style of working have also started seriously thinking on how to implement it.

There are reasons why we need to bother about WFH.

Companies are preferring work from home for multiple reasons. Imagine a company starts its office and some employees start working from their office premises. Even a single employee getting infected can have disastrous effect on company’s work and fellow workers. Though lot of care would be taken while reopening the offices, risk of infection still remains. This will not be completely eliminated till the vaccine is discovered. Employees when sitting at home are safe and they can easily follow social distancing. They would be more comfortable at home.

What makes WFH little difficult to implement?

Traditionally the office set up and home set up were completely different. For some people, it might be difficult to enter into the role of office worker while sitting at home. The home chores, noise may disturb the focus while working. Thirdly, you may not have created a proper sitting arrangement with comfortable chair etc. And this can cause neck or back pain if you are sitting for long hours. While in lockdown continuously sitting at home may develop some mental stress. You feel like you are in a cage and longing for freedom. Extended working hours of office are also taking toll on health.

Comfortable WFH @ Aishwaryam Group

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