If you ask anyone what are the most critical things that are must for your dream home, the obvious answer would include many things like ambience, peacefulness and so on. However, safety would be one of the criteria that would be included by everyone. Yes, your safety and safety of your family is utmost important consideration.

You will be at peace and enjoy the life and amenities only and only if safety of the place is ensured. Otherwise a lavish luxury property which is devoid of safe environment is almost like a place in a jungle which many would not risk to buy.

Safety has become more prominent aspect in a little different context in the current times of corona pandemic. Here we are not only looking at threat for life or valuable things by someone using weapon or brutal force. For now, safety also means providing isolation for you from the strangers who might be infected (or so called silent carriers) by Corona virus.

With the innovative thoughts in design itself, Aishwaryam Comfort Gold ensures all round safety. The safety design has a five level security system starting from main gate of the property to your door. It is just impossible for any unknown person to reach your home by crossing all these five levels of security without your knowledge.

Level 1: Main gate

Property is guarded by main gate and there is only one entry point. Likewise there is only one exit gate. Unless someone enters his details at the main gate, it is not possible for one to enter the property. Importance of gated communities like this cannot be underlined more in today’s situations like corona pandemic.

Level 2&3: Reception and Lobby Glass Door

Reception is the next level of security and safety. No one can enter your apartment just like that without informing the reception. There is a glass door at the Lobby before one enters the lift and it is closed. It is opened by the reception staff for strangers based on the instructions from the owner.
If one wants to meet to you for some quick discussion etc. he/she can be seated at the reception. You can have a small meeting with the person concerned at the lobby itself. This not only ensures that strangers are not entering the lobby. This ensures a level of protection from the theft but more so from the perspective of isolation and probability of virus infection.

Level 4: Floor’s Lobby door

Each floor is fitted with a lobby door at the entrance of the floor. When you want to take your guest home, you open that door from inside and receive the guests. This lobby door at each floor provides fourth level of protection.

Level 5: Main door

Every apartment has video door phones. If anyone comes to visit you, before he actually enters your home, you can see and talk to him on video door phone. Once you are sure of the guest’s identity and purpose of visit, you may allow him by opening your main door.

When someone wishes to reach you, starting from the entrance gate itself he/she would be tracked and you will be informed well in advance.

With such deep multiple level security checks in place, it is virtually impossible for a stranger with malicious intentions to reach out to your home without getting noticed.

At in Aishwaryam Comfort Gold, you are in in the lap of luxury which is completely safe. If you believe safety is one of the critical aspect of your dream home, why wait? visit us to explore five levels safety along with luxurious amenities.

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